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About Taiho Pharmaceutical

Taiho Pharmaceutical is a pioneer in oral anti-cancer drugs since 1974 and is a leading company in Japan for developing innovative medicines in the fields on oncology, immunology and urology through extensive R&D initiatives.

Protecting you and your loved ones from bacteria and viruses…

This wish was the starting point of our research.
It led us to the solution of keeping bacteria and viruses away instead of fighting them.

Efil disinfectant spray contains ethanol, silver ions and zinc ions, and effectively removes and keeps away bacteria and viruses and provides anti-mold protection while deodorizing.

A lively and healthy life for all, free from bacteria and viruses, begins with Efil!

To protect you and your loved ones
from bacteria and viruses.

Efil, made in Japan, keeps bacteria and
viruses away instead of just fighting
against them.


Use Efil Disinfectant Spray Daily – Get Protected in Seconds and Last for 24 Hours1


Kills 99.9% bacteria & viruses in seconds including SARS-CoV-2 virus and Influenza Type A virus1


24-hour protection against bacteria & viruses including SARS-CoV-2 virus and Influenza Type A virus1


Combines ethanol and antimicrobial metal ions – silver and zinc ions.


Reference: 1. Data on file.


  • This product is not effective against all bacteria or viruses. Its efficacy may vary, depending on its usage and storage conditions.
  • It only provides protection to the surface on which it is applied.

Efil Disinfectant Spray Product Information

What is Efil?

Efil disinfectant spray combines ethanol with antimicrobial silver and zinc ions to provide a antibacterial and antiviral protection against germs.
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Why Use Efil

Efil disinfectant spray is effective and provides 24-hour protection against bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2 to allow you to enjoy peace of mind every day. Read More – Using Efil At Home

Using Efil

Efil disinfectant spray has many uses. Use Efil indoors and outdoors. Spray Efil disinfectant spray on hard or soft surfaces, fabrics, gadgets, cars etc. It has anti-mold protection and deodorizes as well.
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Bringing Efil, your must-have 24-hour defender and protector closer to you.